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Experience a hiking adventure of a lifetime! Go Hike Alaska offers these incredible Alaska Winter Hiking Tours through Chugach State Park with a naturalist guide. On these half day tours, you’ll be trekking along Eagle River, see frozen-solid Barbara Falls, and look for local wildlife. These safe and accessible guided hikes include transportation from Anchorage.

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Good To Know

  • Tours range from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the tour selected.
  • Explore winter in Chugach State Park with options for an easy to moderate 2-mile trip to Barbara Falls or a lengthier 6-mile loop.
  • Includes roundtrip transportation from Egan Center on 5th Ave in Downtown Anchorage.
  • Check-in is 10 minutes before departure time.
  • Snacks and micro-spikes for icy terrain provided. Day packs and trekking poles available upon request.
  • Drones and live weapons are prohibited.
  • All participants must sign a waiver.


from Alaska Winter Hiking Tours
Hike in a winter wonderland and experience an Alaskan winter the right way. From frozen falls to frosty forests and frozen rivers, Go Hike Alaska is an Anchorage-based purveyor of world-class guided hiking trips and winter experiences.

Winter Waterfall Fun
This tour follows the gorgeous South Fork Eagle River, pausing to observe the ice-dam formations created by frigid-cold and fast-moving water. Ice crystals appear to grow from the surface of the water, slowing and raising the water level in terrific ways. Just minutes later, arrive at the base of the magical 25-foot waterfall where you see shimmering icicles, fascinating ice bridges, and falling water frozen-in-time.

After stocking up a store of photos to show your friends and family, embark on a short nature walk. You will see the stunning vegetation living within the diverse boreal forests. Towering species such as white spruces, paper birches, and aspens drape the frozen ground below. Your guide will explain the intriguing biological mysteries happening within the lichen, mosses, and trees. You may also see local wildlife, such as moose, snowshoe hares, rodents, and birds. The ecology of the area is truly a sight to behold!

Winter Valley & Forest Hike
Begin by visiting the Chugach State Park's best waterfall, Barbara Falls. What a sight to behold! Afterwards, head to the confluence of North and South Fork Eagle River where a clearing in the woods exposes the Chugach mountains for miles. This is a perfect location to take amazing photos.

Travel through the snow covered spruces while keeping an eye out for wildlife. If Eagle River is frozen, you will have the opportunity of hiking on top of it, which is really a treat! You may see the "American Dipper" swimming in an unfrozen tributary warmed by geothermal heat. They swim in water when the air temperature is below freezing to keep warm. You may also see moose, small mammals like the snowshoe hare or red fox, and rodents such as the porcupine or voles. This valley is filled with a comprehensive variety of the natural elements found in the boreal forests of Alaska.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Alaska Winter Hiking Tours

How long is the tour?

Winter Waterfall Fun is approximately 2 hours hiking and 1 hour traveling to and from the area. Winter Valley & Forest Hike is approximately 4 hours hiking and 1 hour traveling to and from the area.

What's the distance and elevation of each tour?

Winter Waterfall Fun is 2 miles and 200 feet (or 20 flights of stairs). Winter Valley & Forest Hike is 6 miles and 700 feet (or 70 flights of stairs).

Is the tour appropriate for children?

Winter Waterfall Fun is recommended for ages 4 and up. Winter Valley & Forest Hike is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Does the tour have any physical or health restrictions?

Winter Waterfall Fun: You should be able to walk at least 2 miles on flat pavement, or 2 miles of uneven rolling terrain over the course of 2 hours. Winter Valley & Forest Hike: You should be able to walk at least 7 miles on flat pavement, or 5 miles of uneven rolling terrain over the course of roughly 4 hours. Some parts of the trail are steep and hilly, placing additional stress on areas of the body not impacted by level terrain. This tour is not recommended for those with cardiac or respiratory issues/illness and may be difficult for those with severe joint issues.

What’s included in my tour?

Provisions include a pre-packed snack, courtesy of Kat’s Epic Trail Bites, micro-spikes for icy terrain, and a shuttle from Egan Center on 5th Ave in Downtown Anchorage. Day packs and trekking poles are available upon request.

Where do the tours depart and where will we go?

You will be hiking through the Chugach State Park, with the Winter Waterfall Fun focusing on trekking to Barbara Falls, and Winter Valley & Forest Hike going through Eagle River Greenbelt. Trips depart from the Egan Center on 5th Ave in Downtown Anchorage. You also have ethe option of meeting the tour at the start of the trailhead. Please arrive no later than 10 minutes prior to your tour. Masks are to be used while in the shuttle vehicle.

What should we wear?

The main thing you need to know is to NEVER wear cotton, that is even more important during the winter. Cotton holds water and keeps you cold and wet. Plus, it weighs a lot when it's saturated, and causes friction and chafing. They recommend merino wool or synthetic materials such as spandex or polyester. These materials wick moisture and keep you warm when you are wet. Make sure to strap in comfortable hiking shoes that you can wear over a long period of time. Remember to still bring sunblock for this hike.

Are there anything we shouldn't bring for the trip?

All items are the responsibility of the guest. Go Hike Alaska has a no firearms policy, regardless of any legal licensing that allows the carrier to do so. This includes in the vehicle while transporting you to and from the activity. Drone usage is prohibited under the Chugach State Park regulations.

Is there parking near the tour?

There are a lot of parking spaces in downtown Anchorage. Visit the Diamond Parking website to learn of their rates.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

No, it's not wheelchair accessible.

Can I bring my camera?

Yes, you may bring your camera.

What safety precautions are in place for the activity?

They will provide you with a safety briefing before your hike. Please listen to your guide during any situation or when encountering wild animals during the hike.

There's inclement weather. Will the tour continue?

All of the hikes are rain or shine. However, if the weather is too severe (i.e. thunder, lightning, hail, blizzard, etc.) there is an option for a full refund.

Can I bring my pet?

They have a strict no-pet policy. Service animals are welcome, however, be aware that the trail you book might be too hard for him/her.