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Taste Manhattan's homegrown eats with Food On Foot Tours. You'll feel like a local as the Midtown-Mix NYC Food Tour takes you on an adventure that fills your stomach and mind with palatable New York favorites and fun trivia around surprise destinations! Unlike most food tours, this trip will not leave you hungry but will surely leave you asking for more!

up to 3.5 hrs 1 or more people

Good To Know

  • Tour operation days vary but always start at 10:45 am.
  • The tour duration is approximately 3 1/2 hours.
  • Tour is suitable for all ages.
  • Walking children should be bought tickets.
  • Parking is unavailable, but the tour starting point is near public transportation.
  • Recommended to be at the location 15 minutes before the start of the tour.
  • Platinum Tickets include pre-paid food and/or credit. You have the option to pay for more food as you go along the tour. Each person spends around $15-$25 per tour.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothes.
  • Recommended to bring your Metrocard on tour.


from Midtown Mix Guided NYC Tour With Food - Choose What You Like
Food On Foot Tours are unique authentic local experiences that are very different from standard food tours. They are a ten-time TripAdvisor Award Winner, earning the Certificate of Excellence from 2011-2020 and Travelers’ Choice Awards from 2020, 2023. TripAdvisor Hall of Fame 2015-2019.

On the Midtown Mix New York food tour, you’ll visit real non-tourist neighborhoods while stopping at small places where the people who live there eat. Many tours bring you to places because they are receiving money back from the stops. Not this tour. They only take you to places they like but their stops feed you and they love it!

The tour is a quality fresh food eating tour and not the standard sampling tour. You’ll choose what you like at every stop and how much. Their tours are known for being relaxed in a larger group format where you not only see and feel the real New York but you meet and mingle (or not) with others from around the world. Because you choose what you like all their stops are a surprise and they know from over years of tours that it’s much more fun that way. The tour replaces a meal. And because they care about your whole trip, they help out with unbiased restaurant recommendations to help you eat great and save money for the rest of your stay.

Each stop is a surprise but you are not obligated to purchase items at any location. Because the tour goes to permanent locations the tour cannot change the geography and “move” the shops, so there is no set order such as savory to sweet or smaller to larger items. There are usually many choices at each location. Many of the stops are at smaller places so there is both inside and outside eating on each tour and walking with food. Remember, this is a FOOD ON FOOT so many places do not have seating and bathrooms are available but limited on each tour. Please remember the tour includes the subway (most NY subway stations are not handicapped accessible) and plenty of walking. If you are handicapped please call to find out how to accommodate you. Part of the tour time involves travelling and a tour introduction period. Tours are rain or shine. Tour times are usually accurate within 15 minutes but unable to control circumstances such as mass transit or unexpected restaurant issues that are out of control.

Many of their 3,000+ excellent reviews say to take their tour as early in your stay as possible to get the most out of tours and the recommendations they provide.
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Midtown Mix Guided NYC Tour With Food - Choose What You Like is located at Food On Foot Tours308 West 50th StNew York, NY 10019
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Frequently Asked Questions about Midtown Mix Guided NYC Tour With Food - Choose What You Like

Is this a guided tour?

Yes, this is a guided tour.

Is this wheelchair/stroller accessible?

Yes, the tour is accessible by wheelchair and strollers.

Can I bring my pets?

Only service dogs are allowed on this tour.

Is parking available?

Parking is not available for this tour, but stops are easily commutable through public transportation.

Will this tour be subject to cancel due to weather?

Food On Foot Tours rarely cancel events or tours. All events/tours are rain or shine (and may be altered at their sole discretion due to severe weather or travel conditions) so please bring weather gear as needed.

Where do Food On Foot Tours go?

Each tour covers one or more neighborhoods, most that which tourists usually don’t visit. If you’re passionate about what you eat, what you see, and who you meet you’ll love being part of a Food On Foot Tour. You’ll enjoy multiple cuisines on each tour.

How long is this tour?

This tour is about three and a half hours in duration.

What makes Food On Foot Tours special?

This is a true eating tour, not a sampling tour. You purchase your own food and although they make recommendations so you get to enjoy what you like, not just what somebody gives you. In addition, all the stops are surprised stops that they think that’s a big part of the fun. You are guaranteed that you will be stopping at the general area of Midtown Manhattan. Vegetarians/Vegans are welcome but should notify the tour before the start of the adventure.

Do we know where we’re stopping?

You don’t. A big part of the fun of a Food On Foot Tour is the anticipation of each stop. There are usually many choices on a tour and you do not have to eat at every location.

How much will the food cost?

That depends on your appetite and the number of people in your personal group. Guests usually average $15 to $20 per person for food on this tour not including beverages. Since the tours are designed to replace a meal (or even two) this is very reasonable for New York prices.

What do I need to bring?

Along with a MetroCard Bus & Subway Pass (available at all subway stations) please wear casual clothing and comfortable walking shoes. You must show up at the tour meeting point with your MetroCard. They encourage you to bring water with you, especially during the summer months.

Are children welcome and do they need tickets?

Children are welcome but you must make a smart decision about bringing kids along. Since they utilize the subway, stairs are usually part of every tour. There is lots of walking plus subway riding and some ethnic cuisine stops. If this isn’t something the kids would enjoy please come without them. If you bring kids and they cause a delay the tour will have to move on without you. Please be aware of this because tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. Children who can walk need a ticket. Small children who are carried or are in a stroller do not need tickets.

What if I cannot find the meeting point?

Since all the tours are surprise tours they cannot divulge the stops so you must meet the tour at the starting point. After you purchase your tickets you will receive a detailed confirmation with very specific meeting point information. Carry the confirmation with you and they will be at the meeting point by the start time. They urge you to be at the location 15 minutes before the start of the tour. If you are lost they provide simple IF YOU ARE LOST instructions. Please use these instructions right away if you are lost. Meeting point information is also available on their main phone line by pressing #3. Live operators are not available to help you so please have all the necessary information with you.