LEGOLAND and Disneyland Package

Have you ever considered the joy of combining two magical worlds into one vacation adventure? The Disneyland and Legoland combo tickets offer just that. You get to explore both of these fascinating universes while pocketing some savings!

Step into the world of your favorite animated characters. With the Legoland and Disneyland package, you meet everyone from the Lego movie heroes to the enchanting Disney royalty. What a rollercoaster of surprises!

Delight in more than just rides and attractions. The Disneyland Legoland packages provide access to unique perks related to park entry, including early entrance and speedy access to popular rides. Get ready to journey through two realms of fantasy, as conveniently as possible!

Imagine walking down the lively streets of two iconic parks, all while keeping a smile on your wallet. The packages offer an appealing mix of both exploration and economy. They're essentially like a magical passport to a world of fun and savings.

These bundles are an unbeatable deal for families seeking adventurous times. Offering you a dual delight for the price of one, they come packed with value. Think of it as taking two vacations for the cost of one standard trip.

Not only does this pairing help you economize, but it also eases up the hassle of securing multiple passes. Simplifying the ticketing process, the package takes away the stress of your fun-filled trip. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy and create lasting memories.

No need to compromise your excitement due to tight budget constraints anymore. The combined ticket deal lets you explore both parks without breaking the bank. Once you've enjoyed this experience, you won't believe you didn't snag this deal earlier.

Dive deeper into the magical world by becoming hotel guests at Disneyland or Legoland. From themed to luxury rooms, these hotels ensure your magical adventure doesn't have to end with the closing of the park. Become a part of the story you've only dreamed of!

There's no better way to start a day of adventure than with a delicious, free hot breakfast at either Disneyland or Legoland hotels. It provides the energy needed to venture through the myriad of attractions. What's more? You can savor this meal in a themed setting, offering an immersive dining experience.

Making the most of a holiday includes striking the right balance between cost and experience. The Disneyland and Legoland packages do just that. You get to enjoy the quintessential theme park experience without breaking the bank.

If you're a fan of the cinema, you'll love the cinematic journey that awaits in Disney California Adventure. Couple this with the beautiful mini-land replicas at Legoland, and your Disneyland Legoland package becomes a golden ticket to unforgettable memories. Save money and make lifelong memories - a double win for sure.

Explore Southern California in a unique way with the Legoland California Resort, located just north of San Diego. This resort is part of your package deal and offers a chance to experience this sunshine region from a fresh perspective. Brace yourself for an irresistible South Californian adventure!

Disneyland and Legoland aren’t just about excitements; they offer a clever blend of education and entertainment. Become part of the sun-soaked charm of Southern California while exploring both parks and grasping the immersive learning experience. A holiday that’s fun and impactful, isn’t that wonderful?

Both Disneyland and Legoland wow their guests with over 60 rides, engaging shows, and interactive play areas. They offer an atypical theme park experience that’s miles away from the typical bustling tourist traps. Dip your toes into this out-of-the-ordinary adventure!

Want to save more? Grab your Legoland California tickets along with Disneyland's for the best deals. You get to enter two parallel universes where brick-by-brick, and tale-by-tale, you craft unforgettable moments of joy.

Both parks' hotels feature a general ensemble of amenities for their stay-in guests. These range from themed rooms for families seeking an immersive experience to cozy lounges where tired parents can relax post-jubilations. Bask in the comfort and amenities on offer!

Don’t forego a visit to the magnificent Sea Life Aquarium at the Legoland California resort while in Legoland. From colorful fishes to intriguing marine species, you get an intriguing peek into several underwater kingdoms. A treat for the senses and a feast for the mind, indeed!

Accommodations at the Legoland Hotel and Legoland Castle Hotel are more than places to rest. The themed rooms are like entering another realm - your children can live their pirate, kingdom, or adventure fantasies overnight. These magical experiences are exclusive to this combo ticket deal.

Whether your child dreams of swashbuckling adventures on the high seas or ruling a enchanted kingdom, there's a room that will bring their dreams to life. This is more than a hotel stay, it's an extension of your Legoland adventure.

For the aspiring privateers and adventurers, the Pirate Themed rooms are an immersive journey into the heart of a pirate's life. The room is adorned with ship-shaped beds, treasure chests and countless other design elements that make it feel like you’re really on the deck of a pirate ship. It's a treasure cove of fun for your young buccaneers!

And if your little ones fancy the royal lifestyle instead, stepping into a Kingdom Themed room might just make them feel they've been whisked away into a magical realm of Kings, Queens, and fabled creatures. With regal furnishings, castle decor, and a sense of grandeur that's fit for a monarch, this room provides a royal adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Lastly, for kids who are wild at heart and brimming with courage, the Adventure Themed rooms are a thrilling blend of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, featuring a landscape of ancient artifacts and jungle fun. This room invites them to delve into mystery and explore the unexplored, fueling their adventurous spirits and offering exciting discoveries at every turn.

Don’t forget, the package also includes access to the Pirate Kingdom Adventure and Legoland Water Park. It's hard to resist an extra splash of fun, especially when it brings children closer to their favorite movie scenes. Pump up the fun and savings with this combo deal!

So the question isn't why you should grab this package, but rather, why wouldn't you? Everything from fun, savings, and adventure-packed days to comforting accommodations is available in the Legoland and Disneyland ticket combo. Holidays are meant for such fantastic extravaganzas!

Why not boost your usual park visit into a full-fledged vacation by becoming a hotel guest? Imagine the joy of not just visiting the park but living the theme park experience, day and night! Plus, only the combo deal offers themed rooms at Disneyland and Legoland hotels.

Grab the opportunity of bringing your favorite Lego and Disney characters to life. With the Legoland and Disneyland package, you can do this and more! It’s a perfect way to give children an extraordinary experience that encompasses their favorite movie universes.

Both Disneyland and Legoland promise thrilling entertainment amidst the best California theme parks. Step into the mini-town replica-world of Legoland or enter the lovely castles of Disneyland; the combo ticket unlocks both. It’s like holding keys to two unique, magical worlds!

Beyond the exclusive perks of park entry and amazing accommodations, the Disneyland Legoland packages also save you tons of money on general park tickets. But hurry, this win-win opportunity to create incredible memories while saving money is quickly selling out.

Imagine not having to worry about your pocket while enjoying the thrilling rides and magical experiences. Sounds too good to be true? Believe us, it's real, and it's ready for you to seize and enjoy.

Still unsure about this combined package? Think about this - you're getting two unforgettable experiences for a surprisingly modest price. This alone makes the dual park package a must-consider option for your next family getaway.

How about making your child's next birthday even more memorable with this package? Let them immerse in these magical worlds while you relax, knowing you haven’t overshot your budget. It's a win-win strategy: endless fun for the kids and significant savings for you.

Not only will these combined passes keep your wallet happy, but they will also keep your soul enriched. You'll be spending quality time with your loved ones and exploring two amazing parks. Imagine the joy in your children's eyes as they meet their favorite characters.

Locking in your trip with this exciting combo is basically taking the fast lane to sensational savings. So, why not tap into this truly tempting offer and make your vacation dreams come true? You'll get to enjoy the rides, the sights, the excitement - all without the hefty price tag!

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Package Includes:

Disneyland Resort Theme Parks
Disneyland Resort is a California staple featuring two theme parks, three hotels, and the Downtown Disney Area. Children and adults alike can experience the magic of classic Disney fairytale character meet-and-greets, enchanting rides, spectacular parades, nightly fireworks, themed dining and more at Disneyland, or Pixar favorites at Disney California Adventure.
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating:
TripAdvisor user rating 4.50 out of 5

LEGOLAND California Resort
Experience LEGOLAND California Resort, where imagination and family fun come to life! With over 60 rides and attractions, including the famous Miniland USA and SEA LIFE Aquarium, this fun-filled theme park is perfect for families with young children. Whether you're a fan of LEGO or just looking for a day of fun, LEGOLAND California is the place to be!
TripAdvisor Traveler Rating:
TripAdvisor user rating 4.00 out of 5

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  • This package is subject to availability of tickets and rooms for selected travel dates.
  • Pricing is subject to amount of people chosen in the package, dates, show times, ticket selections, hotel and room selections, plus applicable taxes.